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Huronia Urgent Care Clinic


Skip the Waiting Room is a New third party system put in place to allow patients to wait from home, instead of in the clinic waiting room. This does not allow patients to skip the wait line in any way.
Computer generated notifications are delivered as the Que advances based on number of patients and travel time of the “online registered patient”.
Online Registration does not give you a specified appointment time, just an estimated time to arrive at the clinic in order to register with medical administration staff before your number is called.
Our goal is to allow all patients to be assessed in a timely manner and allow patients that have a farther distance to travel the ability to join the Que remotely.

Click here to register online.

Hours of Operation:                            

  • Monday – Friday 8-7
  • Saturday 9-2
  • Sunday CLOSED


Why Choose Huronia Urgent Care Clinic?

  • Exceptional physicians, less waiting and no parking fees!
  • Many physicians are emergency room doctors.
  • Nurses and Athletic Therapists onsite.
  • With a Valid OHIP Number your visit is completely covered.
  • Assessment and treatment of work place related injuries, completed with WSIB forms.
  • You are having extreme difficulty breathing or severe abdominal (belly) or severe chest pain;
  • You are having a severe allergic reaction and feel your throat closing;
  • You are having severe emotional distress and/or hallucinations.

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