Why wait hours and pay for parking at the ER when you can wait minutes at HUCC?

Our SmartWait service lets you know where you are in line, and get text notifiers when you're next!

  • Exceptional physicians and be treated with less waiting and no parking fees!
  • Almost all of our physicians are emergency room doctors.
  • We have nurses and athletic therapists onsite to help us assess and treat all of our patients.
  • Your visit is completely OHIP covered*. You must bring OHIP card to each visit.
  • We can assess and treat work place related injuries, and we do complete WSIB forms.

Please go directly to the emergency room if...:

    • you are having extreme difficulty breathing or severe abdominal (belly) pain;
    • you are having severe chest pains and believe you may be having a heart attack;
    • you are having a severe allergic reaction and feel your throat closing;
    • you are having severe emotional distress and/or hallucinations.

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