Online Registration open Mon-Fri from 10am-3pm. 
You will need to line up and check-in at the desk just to update your info. when you arrive.


Please go to "Our Services" or click on the Smartwait button  

  • Exceptional physicians and be treated with less waiting and no parking fees!
  • Almost all of our physicians are emergency room doctors.
  • We have nurses and athletic therapists onsite to help us assess and treat all of our patients.
  • Your visit is completely OHIP covered*. You must bring OHIP card to each visit.
  • We can assess and treat work place related injuries, and we do complete WSIB forms.
  • In order to serve you better, please bring a current, accurate and legible medication list with you.

Please go directly to the emergency room:

    • If you are having extreme difficulty breathing or severe abdominal (belly) pain;
    • If you are having severe chest pains and believe you may be having a heart attack;
    • If you are having a severe allergic reaction and feel your throat closing;
    • If you are having severe emotional distress and/or hallucinations.

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