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About Us:

We take pride in providing a specific need to the residents of Barrie and the surrounding area. We operate as a team with  Administrative clerks, Nurses, Athletic therapists and Physicians to complete the  process of care for all of our patients.


  • Casting – Our clinic has athletic therapists to assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries, including when casting is needed.
  • Immediate review – We are electronically linked to the X-ray services in the building and can review your X-rays with you.
  • Sutures – We are equipped for minor -moderately severe lacerations.
  • Vaccines – We provide tetanus/pertussis vaccines free of charge, and can administer other vaccines, allergy shots and TB testing.
  • Wart Treatments – We can perform cryotherapy on warts and skin lesions.
  • Driver’s Medical Exams – Copy of the forms available in office.
  • Travel Consultation – Hepatitis A or B for travel, Twinrix, etc.


  • Procedural Rooms                                 Foreign Body Removal Equipment                  Pharmacy on site
  • Slit Lamp Exam Room                          Ambulance Accessibility                                     Coffee Shop on site
  • Snellen Chart Testing                            Wheel chair accessibility                                     Free Parking